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The Benefits of UFO Technology for Humanity


Many problems we now face on Earth could be solved with Extraterrestrial Technology. Extraterrestrial Technology would benefit all fields of science and create solutions to dealing with key issues on our beloved planet.

If you could go anywhere in the blink of an eye where would you go?

In our daily lives all human beings go from point A to point B. We’re always going somewhere wether it’s to work, school, shopping or just traveling to visit family. Imagine being able to travel to any destination you choose in secs regardless of it’s distance away. You would no longer have an excuse for being late, that’s a certain. Take work for example. When you wake up and get ready all you would need to do is walk down to your living room, sit in a chair and type in the address of your work. Within secs you’re transported from your home to your work before you have the chance to blink.

Would it be a crime against humanity if UFO technology was discovered but kept secret?

The reason I ask this question is simple. With the ability to travel in secs comes the ability to ship supplies in secs. When catastrophic events occur globally often people are left without basic essentials such as food, water and medicine. With UFO technology these supplies could be shipped and delivered in secs arriving at the most crucial time of the event. If necessary people could be evacuated in secs and sent to a safer area. As of now there’s people inhabiting remote areas of the world that lack food, water and medicine and this technology could be used to send out basic supplies to all humans in need of support. Back to my question, yes. It would be a crime against humanity if this technology was discovered and kept secret due to the amount of lives that would be saved with it.

Medicine and the use of Extraterrestrial Technology

When your body is not operating correctly your first step is to go to a doctor and get checked out. For the most part many illnesses or symptoms can be diagnosed correctly however many are not so easily seen and misdiagnosed. Doctors resort to guessing and you become a test subject. I personally had a doctor tell me that the medical field is a science and that there’s many mysteries and symptoms that doctors have not the slightest clue to what the cause of the symptom is. With advanced extraterrestrial technology we could be examined without leaving our house. Our body’s could be analyzed daily while we sleep and checked regularly for any malfunctions or viruses. When a health anomaly is discovered we could be alerted instantly and then teleported to the proper medical facility for treatment.

Communication and Technology

All data, information and communications currently move at the speed light. Cell phones and wifi routers send out radio waves that send and receive this data. (Every piece of information sent or received is reduced to numbers/binary.) From your cell phone or router that information is then collected by a cell tower or direct cable line at your home. Once collected it’s then transformed from radio waves to fiber optic. Fiber optics is part of the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum can carry 1,000 times more information than radio waves. That data is then sent via fiber optic cables globally to it’s destination. Once collected the binary code is decoded and reassembled to the type of information it is at it’s destination.

Extraterrestrial Technology

With extraterrestrial technology information could be exchanged faster than the speed of light. As I’ve covered in most of my articles the most efficient way to send something is by not sending it at all. Quantum Entanglement uses this bizarre phenomena by entangling photons. Once entangled data can be exchanged instantly without being sent through the air or ground line via radio or fiber optics. Quantum Entanglement also uses the visible light spectrum that can send 1,000 to 10,000 Gbs. Our current phones and computers could not handle 1,000 Gbs of data sent without crashing so instead of housing the data all data would need to be streamed and stored in a cloud. This data would not be reduced to numbers/binary but sent as real time data. It’s like looking through a window but having the outside of the window transported to any destination in the Universe to allow others to look in.

Off Planet Traveling and Communication

With the ability to communicate throughout the universe in a matter of secs comes the ability to communicate with other civilizations in our universe. Everything in our universe is separated by space. Our current method of communication travels at the speed of light. That technology is not capable of sending a message to another galaxy and receiving a message from that galaxy in realtime. It would actually take over 2 billion years to send and receive a reply. This is why it’s vitally important to use Quantum Entanglement to communicate instantaneously. With UFO technology we could not only talk with other civilizations we could travel there and visit them. We could exchange knowledge and culture and hear what music was trending in the 1920’s in other worlds that science has proven to exist.

They want to be heard, they want to be seen.

In 2015 I discovered advanced extraterrestrial technology in the form of a frequency they use to communicate. In the image above you will see 3 extraterrestrial beings. It’s important that my discovery is investigated so that we can understand them. At this time 1/1/2020 my discovery of Bent Light and extraterrestrial messages has NOT been investigated by anyone publicly. The key to using extraterrestrial technology is first communicating with them and the key to communicating with them is understanding the frequency and technology they use for communication. This I have done.

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  1. Fascinating insights you have here. I knew some of this, but you expressed it in a way that still has me rethinking what I thought I knew. And yes, I too want this tech revealed and applied to our modern day society.

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