Contact with Extraterrestrial Life; The Untold Story


Visible Light Communication far exceeds the amount of data Radio can carry and is just now coming to light. Many people are not aware of this technology but some scientists are starting to see the importance of this Revolutionary Discovery.

Scientists around the world are searching for Extraterrestrial Messages in Radio Waves but did they overlook something that has been right in front of them?

We often think that the First Messages of Extraterrestrial Life will come from a scientist sitting in a dark room looking at the glare of a computer screen. Watching the computer monitor an alert goes off and unexplained letters and numbers start to appear. Following Protocol he or she calls in the unexplained signal so that other observatory’s can aim their radio dishes to the same location of the signal received.

However, what would happen if someone who was not a scientist accidently discovered a Extraterrestrial Message in their back yard?

Scientists have been searching for Extraterrestrial Messages since the early 1800’s and many modern searches are underway to discover Extraterrestrial Messages but until now Scientists were only searching for Radio Signals in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

However, Visible Light Communication far exceeds the amount of data Radio can carry and is just now coming to light. Many people are not aware of this technology but some scientists are starting to see the importance of this Revolutionary Discovery.

Seth Shostak from SETI Institute: Aliens would first communicate with pictures.

“I don’t doubt that they use encryption technology, at least for their internal communications,” Shostak said. But if aliens were trying to communicate with us, there’s no way that they would encrypt that message. Instead, they would use “anti-encryption,” encoding their message so that it’s as easy as possible for us to understand. “They would try and make it simple,” Shostak says. “They would send you pictures.”

“In some ways, any message we get from an extraterrestrial will be like a cosmic Rorschach ink blot test.”
-Douglas Vakoch METI International

What do you see?

This was the first unexplained photo discovered.

In 2015 I made a discovery in Physics, with the idea that I could use Sunlight to communicate with Ghosts. By creating an experiment to analyze the Solar Spectrum of our Star I discovered messages from beyond Earth.

Reptile-Like Entity: Large Gold reflective eyes, nostril holes no nose, upside down mouth and large brown head.

After reviewing the evidence and researching Quantum Communication Platforms my conclusion is that the messages are of Extraterrestrial Origin.
Some of the entities look human. Others look like reptiles.

Alien-Like Entity: riding on a beam of light looking through the rear end of an old telescope. Galileo’s Spy Glass.

Shortly after the discovery I was visited by a large Transparent Orange Sphere with a black substance swirling inside.

Unexplained Flying Object: High Altitude Stationary Craft. One of many visitations after the discovery of Extraterrestrial Messages in Light.

Many more sightings were experienced after this discovery and it seemed the unexplained lights were targeting me due to the discovery.
With all the Quantum Discoveries being made at this time we should look into these unexplained photos as physical evidence we are not alone.

We are learning that visible light can hold vast amounts of information and that data can be Quantum Entangled with Photons on the other side of the Universe and information can be exchanged between two parties regardless of their distant apart instantly.

New research is underway while scientists around the world do their own experiments with Quantum Entanglement and with confirmation we will connect to a Galactic Network of Knowledge and communicate with our Neighbors here in the Milky Way Galaxy and Galaxies beyond…

Dan Burisch Discussing Bent Light Technologies


How can you make Contact with Another Civilization?

A How to guide to Bending Light.
1. Laptop with Logitech 720p webcam.
2. Black metal paint and spackle mixer for 5 gallon size. 
3. Small water bottle with 3/4 to an inch of water. (Depending on the intensity of the Sun. More light more water. Less light less water.)
The bottom of the bottle is important. It must have large round edges along the bottom not small ridges but do use a small bottle.
Hold the bottle at a 45° angle a few inches from the metal.
4. I bend in the afternoon but do try other times…
Take images for around 30 mins.
Then review the images closely.
5. They seem to blend in with the background so at first they’re very difficult to spot.

If you have any questions please Contact me and visit my official Research Page on Facebook here: Bent Light on Facebook

The Evidence

You can try this experiment with Moonlight.

All you need is a small water bottle with 1inch of water and a camera. (Digital Camera, Ipad or phone camera)

Take video only. (You can always take screen shots of the video paused.)

-Hold the camera directly on the plastic and keep the bottle at a 45° angle. Once the camera lens is up against the plastic point it in the direction of the moonlight. Since the sunlight is reflecting off the moon and the moon is made of metals and other materials it does not require metal to view.

This is only water and moonlight.

Also be on alert for unexplained sounds as well. Unexplained sounds were heard in the video above. (Strange Growls)

Screenshot from the video above
Expand the research

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  1. Scrything? With a digital camera…? Nostradamus got his prophecies this way I believe… bowl of water and moon light

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