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Aliens and Ghosts found in light with scientist William Lawrence


2022 Interview of the Bent Light Discovery of Extraterrestrial Messages in the Electromagnetic Spectrum of Sunlight.

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William Lawrence is a scientist investigating new methods of communication with the Supernatural.  Developing a new device to demodulate the electromagnetic spectrum of Sunlight William discovered Ghosts were able to show themselves in the light. Later he went on to discover that it wasn’t just spirits appearing but what appears to be Extraterrestrial Life. Experimenting with this device for 7 years he has collected overwhelming evidence of unexplained anomalies with photographic evidence of Non-physical spirits, physical humans and what looks like an Advanced Reptile Species. All appearing in detail in the electromagnetic spectrum of Sunlight. 

In August of 2021 Quantum Physicist Terry Rudolph from Londons Imperial College published a preprint paper theorizing an advanced alien civilization could modify the light coming off of stars in order to communicate across enormous distances. The idea is that aliens may use entangled photons from various stars to send messages using Quantum Entanglement.  They’ve shown through experiments that “free-space diffraction of photons distributes highly useful entanglement. 
William is currently investigating every possible scientific link to his experiments ranging from Quantum Physics, Astrosphysics, Neuroscience and Quantum Communication Technology searching for answers to explain the unexplained anomalies he captured in the visible light frequency of Sunlight.

Thank you Patricia Baker for having me on your show to discuss the Bent Light Discovery.

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