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Estimated calculations of intelligent life existing on other planets could be in the trillions. Are they watching us?

“The laws of nature allow humans to exist in the Milky Way Galaxy. If every galaxy followed the same law every galaxy would have at least one intelligent civilization.”
       -William Lawrence “Bent Light”

An international team of astronomers, led by Christopher Conselice, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Nottingham, have found that the universe contains at least 2 trillion galaxies, ten times more than previously thought. The team’s work, which began with seed-corn funding from the Royal Astronomical Society, appears in the Astrophysical Journal today.

Out of the two trillion galaxies in the observable Universe each galaxy is unique, ranging in size from 10,000 light-years to hundreds of thousands of light-years across. Every galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars with hundreds of millions of planets. 5% of those planets are most likely habitable and host intelligent life.

Galaxy Clusters
Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope
There could be advanced civilizations out there one billion years more advanced than us.

Our existence is physical evidence that life evolves. We have evolved to be a intelligent civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy. This supporting evidence suggests that every galaxy follows the same laws of nature. This supports the claim of every galaxy hosting at least one intelligent civilization. This would make a modest estimate of intelligent life in the Universe equal to the amount of galaxies observed with scientific instruments.

Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. The universe is estimated to be 14 billion years old. This time gap allowed some species to be approximately 6.5 billion years more advanced than humans if they evolved on a planet in another galaxy that formed habitable planets billions of years before our galaxy hosted intelligent life.

Scientists do not know the exact age of the Universe and these are rough estimates based by scientific observations that do support the development of habitable planets in other galaxies earlier on in our Universes history.

Scientists on Earth can not communicate with other galaxies due to the fact that they have not developed the technology needed to communicate long distance in our Universe. Galaxy to Galaxy Communication.

The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 lightyears across. Our radio communications from Earth have only traveled 200 light years in diameter. If there is another civilization in our galaxy scientists on Earth haven’t developed the technology to detect or communicate with them. We can not use the lack of our technological advancement on Earth to claim that life isn’t out there. Our existence is scientific evidence life evolves in a single galaxy which supports life evolves in every galaxy.

This little blue dot is 200 lightyears in diameter and is the distance our current communication technology has traveled in our galaxy.
Why are we not able to communicate with Extraterrestrial life?

Some make they calim that if there is life out there they would be advanced enough to use our communication technology to establish communications with us. Our current technology does not have the ability to communicate within our own galaxy let alone other galaxies in proximity to us.

SETI Institute was established in 1984 to search for Extraterrestrial Messages using our current technology which relies on radiowaves. In the past thirty eight years they have collected no evidence of extraterrestrial messages in the radio spectrum.

SETI Institutes lack of scientific evidence supports the theory that advanced civilizations in our Universe do not or can not communicate with Earth using radiowaves due to the fact that radiowaves are not capable of communicating from one galaxy to another instantly. Only one technology on Earth is capable of instant communication and that technology is Quantum Communication Technology.

How do we communicate with other galaxies?

In a recent recent preprint study Quantum Physicist Michael Hippke makes the case for expanding our search for extraterrestrial life to include quantum communication.

Quantum communication uses the properties of quantum physics to relay encrypted messages from point A to point B. This is a technology that advanced civilizations in our Universe may have already conquered. Instant Quantum Communication Technology using what Einstein referred to as “Spooky Action at a Distance” Quantum Entanglement.

Ravi Kopparapu, a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center, explains to Inverse that scientists typically look for signs of alien technology based on what we have right now on Earth. As quantum communication becomes increasingly sophisticated here on Earth, it would be a good one to add to the arsenal, he says. “I would say it’s a good way to communicate and send a lot of information to another civilization,” Kopparapu says. “So it’s an interesting idea to propose.”

Star to Star communications

In August of 2021 Terry Rudolph of Imperial College in London argued in a preprint paper that technologically advanced extraterrestrials might manipulate the light from stars to send messages over great distances“ He is thinking in terms of photonics, the use of photons instead of electrons for computing. Photons travel much faster than electricity.

Terry Rudolph writes,

An advanced alien civilization could modify the light coming off of stars in order to communicate across enormous distances. The idea is that aliens may use entangled photons from various stars to send messages using Quantum Entanglement.  They’ve shown through experiments that “free-space diffraction of photons distributes highly useful entanglement.

Using twinkling stars to communicate is an interesting speculation. It will be easier to argue whether extraterrestrials could, in principle, use photonics with starlight when we are more familiar with it ourselves.

Current scientific searches for Quantum Entangled Extraterrestrial Messages
If you detected a Extraterrestrial Message who would you contact to investigate your claim?

In this article we have discussed the possibility of every galaxy in our Universe hosting at least one intelligent civilization and provided a scientific method to communicate with them via advanced Quantum Communication Technology (QCT) methods of observing Quantum Phenomna in Astronomical light.

Quantum Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

In 2015 I detected Quantum Entangled Extraterrestrial Messages hidden in photons from our star the Sun. I followed Extraterrestrial Contact Protocols and communicated my results to SETI Institute and the United Nations. I started my quantum experiments in April of 2015 and ended the experiment in 2019. Since 2019 I have continued my research into all possible scientific links to my discovery and communicated all the information I researched or discovered to the public immediately. I have continued my research to current day and continue to communicate my results to any and all people associated with studying Extraterrestrial Phenomna.


All of my my Quantum Publications can be found in my Publications on this site.

some of the theories published
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I’m currently investigating every possible scientific link to my experiments ranging from Quantum Physics, Astrosphysics, Neuroscience and Quantum Communication Technology searching for answers to explain the unexplained quantum anomalies I’ve captured in the visible light frequency of Sunlight.

Quantum Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence on THE EXPANDING REALITY PODCAST with Brandon Thomas

Recent studies suggests that since quantum communication is developing on Earth, then scientists should soon add it to the list of signals to look out for from alien civilizations.

what we need is a scientific investigation of my claims, methods and Physical Evidence

You can watch my latest interview discussing the Connection between Paranormal Activity and Extraterrestrial Phenomena on the UNX Network 

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