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Into The Parabnormal” is a three-hour radio program and podcast hosted by Jeremy Scott.  Each week, we dive deep into the subjects that are not covered in the mainstream.  As we like to say, what you hear on the program is somewhere between abnormal and paranormal! INTO THE PARABNORMAL WEBSITE

Church of Mabus – Bent Light Extraterrestrial Communication

With host Jeffery Pritchett Church of Mabus interviews William Lawrence founder of Bent Light Extraterrestrial Communication. Jeffery Pritchett has a Bachelors in Communications Science and is also the host of the paranormal, esoteric, Church of Mabus radio show on UPRN Talk Radio 107.7FM New Orleans. Writing for Examiner, Before Its News and New Dawn Magazine …

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Communicating with other civilizations in our universe could be as simple as observing photons entangled and with the sophisticated technology we currently have now on earth, we have the ability to do what many have been doing telepathically for thousands of years. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with Quantum Communication researcher, William Lawrence about SYNTHESIS. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #Synthesis

THE PARADIGM MATRIX – William Lawrence Bent light

Please join me and my special guest on the Paradigm Matrix this Friday night Feburary 1 st 2019 investigator William Lawrence join us 6 pm Pacific 9:00 pm Eastern time on the CORE
William Lawrence is a Photographer investigating new methods of communicating with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Creative Vision TV – EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMMUNICATION via Quantum Visible Light

Karen A. Dahlman, host of Creative Visions TV, welcomes photographer and scientist, William Lawrence to this episode to share his ground-breaking research into quantum entanglement of photons for extraterrestrial communication!

During this show, William shares his method that started as communication with the realm of ghosts via the visbile light spectrum and quickly evolved into communicating with other life forms not from this planet, such as extraterrestrials.

William shares the process, his research and many of the images that have been communicated to him during his discovery. You can also try his experiment at home, as he tells you how to do this yourself.

Conspiracy Unlimited – Aliens in the Light: Are ET’s Trying to Communicate with Us Through the Visible Light Spectrum?

Richard Syrett speaks with a researcher who has developed a form of photography which he believes detects alien beings in the visible light spectrum. His process involves shooting photos with his laptop webcam through a water bottle lens that’s refracting light onto a piece of carbon steel.

GUEST: William Lawrence is a scientist investigating new methods of communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence. Developing a new method of spectroscopy he has discovered extraterrestrial messages in the visible light frequency of our star, the Sun. In 2015 while creating an experiment to communicate with ghosts, he discovered that not only ghosts were able to become visible but other life forms that he concluded were not from Earth.