What is Bent Light ?

Frequency and Vibrations...

I tune in a higher frequency using the vibrations in water to bend Sunlight.
The memory of water to retain information.
The Sunlight to create a wave of spectrum

Metal to read the light in Particle Form.
Digital Photography to capture images of Light Particles fusing together.
Quantum Entanglement to transfer information from them to us.
It sounds very logical...

What are they trying to say ?
I built their trust. They should be ready to trust me with more disclosure as to who they are...

I'm getting closer to knowing the truth of our reality...

The Window I Opened...

If the universe that we inhabit had long ago collided with another universe, the crash would have left an imprint on the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the faint afterglow from the Big Bang. And if physicists could detect such a signature, it would provide a window into the multiverse.

I have found a way to convert light into information.

They use light as communication.

The Speed Of Light...

 186,000 mi/sec

11,160,000 mi/min
669,600,000 mi/hour
16,070,400,000 mi/day
5,824,000,000,000 mi/year

There Could Be Extraterrestrial Lifeforms That Move At The Speed Of Light.
Light Speed could be like walking to them.
So if they were more advanced they would do what we do.
So if they could go 60mph with their walking speed being Light Speed.
This is how fast they could possibly move with their technology...
40,017,600,000 mi/hr
960,422,400,000 mi/day
350,097,753,600,000 mi/year


ent Lights

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