New Discovery in Physics: Macroscopic Quantum Communication with Extraterrestrial Life 



 In 2015 I made a discovery in physics with the idea that I could use Sunlight to communicate with Ghosts. By creating an experiment to analyze the Solar Spectrum of our Star I discovered messages from beyond Earth. After reviewing the evidence and researching Quantum Communication Platforms my conclusion is that the messages are of Extraterrestrial Origin.

Some of the entities look human. Others look like reptiles. Shortly after the discovery I was visited by a large Transparent Orange Sphere with a black substance swirling inside.

Many more sightings were experienced after this discovery and it seemed the unexplained lights were targeting me due to the discovery.

With all the Quantum Discoveries being made at this time we should look into these unexplained photos as physical evidence we are not alone.

We are learning that visible light can hold vast amounts of information and that data can be Quantum Entangled with Photons on the other side of the Universe and information can be exchanged between two parties regardless of their distant apart instantly.

New research is underway while scientists around the world do their own experiments with the Solar Spectrum and with confirmation we will connect to a Galactic Network of Knowledge and communicate with our Neighbors here in the Milky Way Galaxy and Galaxies beyond.


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Extraterrestrial Messages Detected

Recent Breakthroughs in Quantum Communication Technology has Created New Ways to Search for Extraterrestrial Messages.

Currently scientists are searching for Extraterrestrial Messages in the Radio Spectrum. However, New Technology is being developed that sends and receives data outside of the Radio Spectrum. This New Technology is using Photons and Visible Light to send and receive data. 



Who and What is Bent Light?


William Lawrence is a Photographer investigating new methods of communicating with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Developing a new method of spectroscopy he has discovered Extraterrestrial Messages in the Visible Light Frequency of our star the Sun.






The Experiment


William has discovered how to process 100’s of Millions of Photons from our Sun into data. Using water contained in a Concaved Plastic Lens he allows the Light Particles from our sun to pass through the water and out the lens. 


The Science and Conclusion.

Quantum Entanglement occurs when Photons are fired through Crystals. Williams investigation has brought him to the conclusion that what he is witnessing with his experiments is a form of Quantum Entanglement on a Macroscopic Scale.



See the impossible

The Truth Is Out There...


New Discovery Proves the Existence of Life in the Universe.

Extraterrestrial Messages Detected in Light


We have the evidence.

We have never been alone.

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